Sunday, May 13, 2007

Yeah, it's May..

Here are some views from late (very late, 2am) Saturday. It's still winter here!


c'est moi said...

That church looks cool. Ever been inside? They usually make interesting photo subjects.

Philippe Morin said...

Indeed, I have never been.

Maybe this week I'll go take a photo for you though!

(The stained glass is really nice, or so I hear.)

Nick said...

Man I'm freezing in Athens at 28 degrees... That's what 40 degree plus weather in India does to your system.

Philippe Morin said...

It's a crazy, diverse planet isn't it!

It was 0 degrees here today, and it feels very warm.

Philippe Morin said...

Cool that you are in Athens, by the way. Get some of those "thinking beads" people have.