Sunday, May 20, 2007

Bird on a utilidor

These metal undulations belong to Inuvik's utilidor system; a pretty ubiquitous presence.


Moonlink said...

Are they a sewer system ?

sofia britta said...

What's that bird? Because I've never saw a bird like that in Poland

Anonymous said...

The utilidor's keep the sewer and water lines from houses warm so they don't freeze and burst in the winter.
The bird is known locally as a snow bird, they fly in large groups and are very small, also their feathers get darker as the weather gets warmer. They're very pretty.
I like the site, I think you captured Inuvik well.

Philippe Morin said...

Who is M.P? Is that Matthew Parsons?

Philippe Morin said...

...or Dennis Bevington, the member of parliament? ha ha