Friday, March 30, 2007

Traditional games pt.3: The airplane

Can you do this difficult stunt?

Lie face down, with arms outstretched and legs together. Then, get three friends to carry you forwards. (You are not allowed to touch the floor, so you need strong arms and shoulders.)

Ambulance in Tsiigehtchic

It's a 114km drive from Tsiigehtchic to Inuvik Regional Hospital, so I am guessing something serious was happening here.

Inuvik's welcome sign

If you've driven up the Dempster Highway, odds are you're happy to see this sign.

Thursday, March 29, 2007

The R.C

Everyone in Tsiigehtchic calls the old Roman Catholic church "The R.C. Church."

This teacher went from Toronto (pop.4 million) to Tsiigehthic (pop.150)

Isn't Canada an amazingly diverse country? It's strange to think that Tsiigehtchic and Toronto are are both represented by the same parliament.

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Respecting the elders

This display at Tsiigehtchic's Chief Paul Niditchie School is a really nice gesture. It recognizes all the elders in the community.

A view from Tsiigehtchic

Looks like this raven is also the town traffic cop.

I am assuming the red logo was the bullseye

Kind of a funny image: The CBC sign between Inuvik and Tsiigehtchic is riddled with bullet holes.

Monday, March 26, 2007

Dark skies in the morning

There are so many colours in the sky here. It's really fascinating to see it change. (These photos taken around 8:30am)

Saturday, March 24, 2007

That's my stuff!

From Mangilaluk school in Tuktoyaktuk: This board illustrates the best quality of newspapers, which is "clip-a-bility!"

What's cooking, Lindsay?

Here's something about the north: It's harder to be vegetarian!
(Unless you like canned vegetables.)

Road hockey in Tuk

Traditional games pt.2: The "sledge jump"

Here's another game that's easy to set up: The Sledge Jump.

Take 20 chairs, tape ribbons between them, and then ask people to leap over. The rules are:

1.You cannot touch the ribbons
2.You cannot bounce twice, or stop midway.
3.Both feet must land together.
3.Once you reach the end, you have 5 seconds to turn around and keep going.

Contestants keep bouncing back and forth and the winner is the person who does the most jumps before making an error or stopping.

(Note: the real traditional game is not played with chairs, but caribou skin barriers, I believe.)

Views from Tuktoyaktuk, pt.3

As you can see, there are many unique buildings in Tuktoyaktuk. (Interesting rounded house, eh? Is that a silo or hangar construction?)

Tuktoyaktuk bingo radio

The CFTC radio station in Tuk reads bingo numbers over the air.
It's a very small place.

What lovely suits

Here are two members of the Tuktoyaktuk Drummers and Dancers, who perform traditional Inuvialuit dances at town hall meetings and other events.

The "drum parkas" are home made.

Friday, March 23, 2007

Drag race

Here's Loren from CBC driving alongside a dog sled in Aklavik. It was part of a "tracking shot" on video, which I hear turned out well.

Lamest pun ever: Shouldn't it be called "doggie lane"? (Ooh.)

Traditional games: Everyone should try this!

Traditional games are awesome, and more people should play them. I think they would be perfect for scout camps, gym classes, etc.

Here's an example called the "swing kick." The rules are simple: You tie a belt above your knees -- keeping your legs together -- and then try to kick a dangling target with both feet. The highest kicker wins, and it's difficult because you have to raise yourself on your arms in a really awkward way, because your backside can't touch the floor.

All you need is a belt! This is a really fun party game.

Hey, wait a that a polar bear skin?

Here are some interesting buildings in Tuktoyaktuk. Notice how pelts are being dried on the second one. Interestingly large and white pelts.

Could this be the shed of a polar bear hunter?

Thursday, March 22, 2007

A new feature (click to enlarge)

It's the equinox

Good news! The March equinox means sunlight is now dominant in the NWT. It's bright early in the morning and the sun stays until 9pm or later.

Some people are already covering their windows, (as shown), in preparation for that 24-hour sunlight.

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Interesting building from Tuktoyaktuk

Why all the angles? Is this stronger than a cylinder?

Canada's Northern coast

Here is a scene from Tuktoyaktuk, with the Beaufort Sea to the left.
It must be scenic in the summer, but I've never been. (On account of it being accessible only by plane when the ice roads thaw.)

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Bonhomme d'Hiver

This little dangling craft was in the rental car. Can you see how it forms a benevolent-looking mustachioed man, of sorts? This guy is pretty cool.

It's actually quite beautiful, really..

If the NWT wants to boost tourism, we might consider changing some names.
Who wants to visit a place called Rat River?!

Block building, round snowflakes

An interesting geometric building from downtown.

Monday, March 19, 2007

Choose your vehicle

Tuktoyaktuk's roads are covered in snow, so people use snowmobiles for regular errands. It's not a recreational vehicle so much as a regular mode of transport.

People even ride them in the middle of the street, like cars.

Whole lotta Nevadas

Tuktoyaktuk has about 1100 people, but it goes through a box of 5000 lottery tickets a week, said one cashier at the radio station.

Yes, that's 5000 per week.

They sell for $1 each.

The hunt continues (just kidding)

A scene from Tuktoyaktuk: I am not sure why this five-year-old was chasing a dog with a stick.
(Note: Nobody hit the dog, it just looks this way in the picture.)

Friday, March 16, 2007

Another view of the dome

Tough birds on the corner, pt.3

A scene from Aklavik: This dog tried to chase a group of ravens, but one didn't fly away. He stood there, defiantly, and the dog had no choice but to walk away humiliated.

Tough birds, those ravens.

Thursday, March 15, 2007

Face of the north

Lots of fur

It's cold outside these days but I am prepared, thanks to muskrat, rabbit and coyote fur. (And, maybe I look a little serious too, but as I said, it's cold. :)

Taxidermied birds

Here are some weird stuffed birds, from the Aurora College research institute.

Check out those song titles

Former Premier of the NWT, Stephen Kakfwi, has transformed into a popular country singer and conservation activist in recent years.

Does anyone think Ontario's Ernie Eves or Mike Harris might do the same? :)

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Merci beaucoup!

Hey, mom and dad, thanks for the sweater you sent in the mail!

Tuktoyaktuk hovercraft

Here's something cool: At a recent science fair, some Tuktoyaktuk kids built a working hovercraft from plywood, duct tape, and a shower curtain.

They took rides in the lobby, and power was supplied by a shop-vac engine. Hilarious and crafty.

Mixed media

I am not the only journalist around here!

Here are reporters from CBC and ICS.

Interesting link for photographers, or anyone

I know this is a little off-topic, but check out this amazing and free application:

It creates a free poster from any photo, which you print out on your computer in separate pages. Any image works, because it uses a dot pattern technique similar to newsprint.

A good way to enjoy photos, northern or otherwise!

Good times at the Gwich'in Cup

Hockey pictures are interesting, but I like photos of hockey audiences.

Picasso kids

After-school activity: Give kids coloured water and paintbrushes, and let them be creative outdoors.

Random homes from around town