Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Inuvik's Epcot centre

This is a dome building owned by New North Networks, which is the internet/cable/satellite company in Inuvik.

It's a round white structure which is visible from almost anywhere in the community.

Strange, but practical!


Rebecca said...

Is it a geodesic dome?

Don said...

Hello Philippe,

I was delighted to discover your blog this morning. I lived in Inuvik from 1982 - 85, having moved from Calgary/Toronto to be the manager of the Gulf Canada Resources northern affairs office (located in what was called the Mack Travel building, which also housed the CBC, Bank of Montreal and Esso Resources). I'm particularly enjoying your photos as well as your newcomer perspective. Although it didn't exist during the time I lived in Inuvik, I got a kick out of seeing the photo of the New North Networks dome building.
Old friends of mine, Tom Zubko and Paul Komaromi, run the business. During my last year in Inuvik, I lived in the original dome structure in town, located down on Boot Lake Road. Seeing your reference to the band Trooper appearing at the Mad Trapper brought back memories of how a group of us brought Doug and the Slugs to Inuvik in '85 as a fundraiser for the low-power community FM station that we set up in a large utility closet in the back of the Eskimo Inn! I don't think it lasted too long after I left town.

I'm currently living in Kingston where today it's raining and +10 on January 5. Keep up your good work with the blog -- I've subscribed to it, and I'll be spreading the word to friends.


Don Edwards